Chair Six Services

Chair Six Financial Planning, PLLC offers a wide range of services and solutions to help you simplify your financial life and achieve your goals.


We understand how frustrating and complex it can be to manage your personal finances. We become your financial partner so you can free up more of your time to concentrate on the things you value most.


Income tax preparation is usually a primer to more comprehensive services we provide our clients, and tax planning is a critical component of ongoing personal financial planning. Our CPAs deliver timely, accurate income tax returns in a professional manner. We are proud to provide tax preparation and planning services for the following types of clients:

  • Individuals
  • Small Businesses
    • Sole proprietors,
    • C-corporations
    • S-corporations and LLCs
  • Estates
  • Trusts
  • Gift tax returns

Investment Management

If you choose to delegate the management of your investments to us, we will invest your money the same way we invest for our family and friends – by structuring an appropriate, customized investment portfolio around your personal financial plan and emphasizing low-cost, well diversified, and tax efficient strategies. 


If you choose to manage your investments yourself or if you have other money managers in place, we can help you develop an overall investment strategy so your portfolio is in sync with your financial goals, and we provide ongoing monitoring and advice.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning is a collaborative journey in which we work together to discover, contemplate, and define your goals then design and implement appropriate financial strategies to achieve those goals. It is a lifelong process where your needs and desires, along with the financial strategies employed, are closely monitored and adjusted as necessary.

Our holistic approach to personal financial planning incorporates investment planning, insurance planning and risk management, employee benefits planning, retirement planning, income tax planning, and estate planning, to name a few.

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